About Harrison Law LLC

Harrison Law is a firm of talented and experienced lawyers who have backgrounds with elite global firms, and who have joined together to pursue and promote their shared vision and values relating to client service in an environment that is energized, supportive and personally rewarding. Our goal is to make the very highest quality of legal services more accessible to our clients for even their most high-stakes matters, and in a manner that recognizes each of our clients’ specific needs in today’s rapidly changing legal landscape. We not only hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence, but we are deeply committed to partnering with our clients in the development of legal strategies appropriate for achieving the clients’ specified objectives. This collaboration begins at the outset of the engagement and continues as an integral aspect of implementing any legal strategy. Our commitment to our clients is also reflected in how we embrace and invest in the rapidly changing technology that both promotes maximum efficiency and protects our clients’ sensitive information.





Collegiality and Diversity


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WBENC certified Women’s Business Enterprise