Just as different clients have different needs, they also have different perceptions of value. We are committed to approaching the staffing and management of your matters with your perspective in mind. We want every bill we send to correlate with value we have delivered through our services and value our clients can recognize.

We strive to provide value in a variety of ways. Our lower overhead and collaborative practice model ensure that our clients will receive the benefits of our experience and expertise in all matters at an affordable cost. We also understand the importance of predictability of legal costs, and we are committed to engaging in and being accountable with respect to budgeting processes for your matters. We consider a wide variety of alternative fee arrangements where appropriate, including fixed fees, project or task based fees, blended rates, and risk/reward sharing arrangements. And we provide value by taking advantage of innovative technology and staffing resources, where appropriate, to ensure that the services we provide are as cost effective as possible.